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All Your Medical Tourism Needs at One Place

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Medical Oncology / Radiation Oncology / Surgical Oncology

nervous system royal buona

Brain And Nervous System

Neurology / Paediatric Neurology / Neurosurgery

children royal buona

Children's Heart Center

Paediatric Cardiology / Paediatric Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery / Paediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology 

bone and joint royal buona

Bone & Joint

Orthopaedics / Rheumatology

cardiac royal buona

Cardiac Science

Cardiology / Cardiovascular Thoracic surgery 

Children Paediatric Medicine

Neonatal / Paediatric intensive care / Paediatric Neurology / Paediatric Surgery 

diabetes royal buona

Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery

Polyuria / Polydipsia / Polyphagia 

mother royal buona

Center For Mother & Child

Obstetric Team / Neonatal Team

rehabilitation royal buona

Center For Physical Medicine

Rehabilitation Centers

robotic surgery royal buona

Center For Robotic Surgery

Heart / Digestive System / Bladder / Prostate and More 


Center For Transplant

Bone marrow Transplant / Kidney Transplant / Liver Transplant & More

hematology royal buona

Clinical Hematology

Bone Marrow / Spleen / Lymphoid Tissue & More 

dental royal buona

Dental Surgery

Teeth / Gums / Jaw / Oral and Facial Structures 


Pituitary / Thyroid / Ovaries / Testes and Pancreas 


Cholesteatoma / Dysphagia / Ear Infection / Gastric Reflux / Hearing Loss / Hoarseness

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